Conversations about Anne #01: With Kriti Bajaj
Conversations about Anne #01: With Kriti Bajaj

Conversations about Anne #01: With Kriti Bajaj

On October 27, I held my first conversation in the new video series Conversations about Anne with Kriti Bajaj. The Conversations are free-flowing informal conversations about Anne, the book series and how they have affected our lives and perhaps shaped them in some way. The intention is to speak to people from all anywhere in the world who have found Anne (the ‘books’ Anne, not ‘film’ Anne) inspirational.

Kriti studied literature and anthropology, and one of her college projects was based on L. M. Montgomery’s Rilla of Ingleside. She worked as an arts and culture writer and editor for over 9 years, primarily for two international publications and an auction house. Since June 2021, she works independently with individuals and businesses, providing meaningful content, editorial services and mentorships. Please visit Kriti’s website at

The conversation was recorded on Zoom and is presented on my YouTube Tenderness Lessons channel in two parts. You can see them embedded below.

In Part 1, we talked about how we first came across the books and how we connected to the character of Anne, what we consider to be the most important themes in the books and values espoused by L.M. Montgomery and about the uniqueness of Anne and Gilbert’s relationship. In Part 2, we considered the importance of nature and its descriptions in the books and in the end made comments about the importance of gratitude and the interplay of sorrow and happiness and Anne’s view on it.

If you would like to join me for a conversation, please contact me and I am sure something can be arranged! This is meant to be the first of many!

Conversations about Anne #01: Part 1
Conversations about Anne #01: Part 2

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